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Have you ever heard of the Chesapeake Light?

You can find it thirteen miles from Virginia Beach, in the Atlantic Ocean. This is a prime spot for Virginia Beach inshore fishing. The light and its tower are fascinating to history buffs, but they might be even more fascinating for anglers. Its original purpose was to guide boats and ships to the entrance of the Bay, and while it certainly fulfills this purpose, it also attracts huge numbers of saltwater fish.

Why is this so? Think about the structure for a moment. The four columns of the tower are encrusted with barnacles and vegetation, which means food for certain species. These small fish that feed around the pilings provide food for slightly larger fish, and these fish become meals for big fish.

It’s a simple understanding of the marine food chain. There’s also something else that makes the Chesapeake Light Tower so attractive to fish: cover and habitat.

Around the base of the tower are literally acres of discarded tires, lengths of steel, old train cars, and wrecked boats. These structures mean hiding places for smaller fish, and where there are smaller fish, big predators can usually be found. If you ever get the chance to fish the tower, you’ll be in for a real angling adventure, with lots of opportunities to land spadefish, sea bass, cobia, amberjack, Spanish mackerel, flounder, triggerfish, and tautog.

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Fishing in the Chesapeake Bay is the ultimate angling goal of many fishermen, and it’s no wonder. The Bay is a rich environment that’s also varied, with different salinity zones, different depths, and different types of fish habitats.

As far as fishing goes, there are numerous hot spots in the Bay, including the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, flats, river mouths, creeks, buoys, and channel markers.

Reigning supreme among all the finned fishes in the Bay is the striped bass, striper, or rockfish, choose your name because they are the same fish. These striped predators can be caught legally in the three-mile zone, which is measured from shore.

The striper begin congregating in the Chesapeake in autumn, and the angling community is abuzz with the news of the year’s striper catch.

The rockfish usually exit the Bay in January to make their return to the ocean. At that time, the fish are often targeted off the Atlantic beaches which is when Virginia Beach inshore fishing gets hot, even though it’s in the dead of winter.

Once all the rockfish have left the Bay, the action for other fish species heats up.

Local and visiting anglers go on the hunt for redfish, spotted seatrout, tautog, flounder, cobia, Spanish mackerel, bluefish, black sea bass, black drum, Atlantic spadefish, and other desirable species.

One thing’s for sure – Virginia Beach inshore fishing is never dull!

For the fishing trip of a lifetime, contact one of the top Virginia Beach fishing charters "Knot Tell'n" out of Rudee Inlet at Fishermans Wharf Marina.

Whether you’re an experienced angler of a “greenhorn,” our captain and crew will see to it that you have a blast. Most of our fishing charters include just about everything you’ll need to have a wonderful, successful Virginia Beach fishing experience.

If you don’t have a full day to devote to saltwater fishing, no problem. Inshore fishing trips can be done in just a few hours, and you’ll spend most of your time fishing, instead of riding.

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