Virginia Beach Fishing Charter

Knot Tell'n Charters Burials at Sea 

The perfect  memorial at sea for loved ones who were:

Naval Veterans

Merchant Marine

Marine Workers


Or anyone who loved or spent time at sea!
The low cost alternative to conventional funeral services!


Affordable Post-Cremation Memorial Services

Knot Tell'n Charters Marine Memorials is a unique charter service specializing in maritime post-cremation Memorial services in the Virginia Beach area.  Our vessel is conveniently located in the Virginia Beach area providing quick and easy access from the Hampton Roads or Richmond area.  Captain Prince E. Rich, III is an Ordained Minister & will navigate your family & the cremated remains of your loved one out to sea and scatter or Submerge the remains in a dignified and respectful ceremony.

*Cremation is a low cost alternative to conventional funeral services.  Knot Tell'n Charters Memorials start at $395.00 for a basic ceremony at sea compared to $7,000 or more for a conventional funeral. Marine Memorials is the appropriate way to honor loved ones who are Military Veterans,  former Merchant Marine,  Marine workers or anyone who loved the water.

[The perfect Veteran Memorial at Sea in Virginia Beach]

All memorial services are conducted aboard the luxurious, 56' yacht, the "Knot Tell'n" docked at Fisherman's Wharf Marina in Virginia Beach, VA.  The vessel more than meets all USCG standards and has many amenities.  Captain Prince E. Rich, III  & Captain Scott Horton are experienced, USCG licensed - C.P.R/First Aid Certified Captains with many years experience on the lower Chesapeake Bay and ocean waters off Virginia Beach.


Knot Tell'n Post-Cremation Memorial Charters

Experienced, Licensed & Insured


Pre-planning Packages Available

 *Emphasis on Safety at All Times
 *Charters Ceremonies Starting at $395.00
Inquire about our Full Service Package Including:

 Cremation, Biodegradable military & Artificial Reef urns, Floral Arrangements, Benediction & Memorial Services