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 Knot Tell'n Fishing Charters Specialize in Offshore & Deep Sea Fishing Charters Tageting Yellowfin & Bigeye Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo,White & Blue Marlin, We Also Do Swordfish & Deep Drop Fishing Charters!

 If you’re an avid saltwater fisherman, you’ll love Virginia Beach and all its fishing opportunities.

 The waters off and around Virginia Beach are often touted as the best fishing grounds in the mid-Atlantic. Due to its   unique location, Virginia Beach offers both warm water and cold-water species.

 Just about every type of saltwater fishing is available here, Including great offshore fishing. Off the coasts of   Virginia and its neighbor North Carolina, are all sorts of places that attract fish.

 These include wrecks, offshore towers, and underwater canyons, including Norfolk Canyon. The steep, rocky walls   of the trench are a favorite hangout for big predatory fish species just waiting for the powerful current to deliver a   meal to them.

 Some of the most popular species landed while fishing offshore from Virginia Beach include Yellowfin Tuna,Bigeye Tuna, Bluefin Tuna, wahoo, dolphin fish "Mahi Mahi", Mako sharks and other shark species, Swordfish, Sailfish, Blue Marlin, White Marlin & Several deep structure bottom fish such as Tilefish & Grouper.

 [Tuna Fishing Charters Virginia Beach] Deep Sea Fishing Charters out of Virginia Beach focus on canyons and other bottom structures like shipwrecks, downed planes, and debris.

 Baits are dropped into the deep trenches and around wrecks and will produce SwordFish, Blueline Tilefish, Golden Tilefish, Tautog, Codfish, Black Sea Bass, and the occasional snowy grouper, and most of these are delicious on the table.

 Nice catches of rosefish are common in the deep water too. Because the targeted fish might be as deep down as   300 to 1500 feet or so, special reels are used by the fishing charters to make the experience more comfortable for their guest anglers.

 Some of the best Virginia Beach offshore fishing spots are sixty five miles from port, which means a fairly lengthy  boat ride. That’s just one reason why it’s so important to find the best Virginia Beach fishing guides and charter boats.

 You’ll want a fishing boat that’s Clean, fast & reliable, so that you can spend more time fishing. You also want one that’s comfortable of course, you’ll also want the services of an experienced captain and crew so that your chances of success will be increased. Fortunately, finding a great Virginia Beach fishing charters and fishing guides won’t be a   problem.

 Knot Tell'n charters out of Rudee Inlet offers a variety of trips, ranging in time from a few hours to all day. It’s a   great activity for anyone who enjoys angling and being on the water, no matter the age of the angler.

 Our fishing boat captain welcome kids, so a Virginia Beach fishing trip can be a wonderful family activity. And if   you’re a total “newbie” at fishing, don’t worry – our crew is there to lend you a hand and give you some pointers.

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